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Hydrex Diagnostics has been looking for new, professional and optimal diagnostic solutions for over 30 years. In 1989, we launched our own production of in vitro diagnostic reagents, which are now part of the basic equipment of most Polish hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and blood donation centres.

For many years, we have been supplying the medical market with products for professional and effective medical diagnosis, including immunochromatographic tests, reagents and equipment for blood group determination, analysers, latex sets, ELISA sets with equipment, and strip tests and devices for urine analysis. Our offer is constantly growing.

For professionals


... it's a priority for us. All our activities since 2003 are subject to the PN-EN ISO 9001 standard, and from 2009 also PN-EN ISO 13485.

... since 1987

Many years of experience in the market of professional medical diagnostics guarantees the highest quality of our products and services.

Wide range

We provide a comprehensive offer tailored to the needs of modern medical diagnosis - in the field of reagents as well as apparatus and other laboratory devices.

Quality assurance

Our internal Quality Control Laboratory constantly monitors the quality and reliability of our products.

Featured by PCBC

In 2017 the Polish Centre for Research and Certification distinguished us for cooperation and maintaining the highest standards of work.

Precision and professionalism

Our reagents and tests are a guarantee of the highest precision of measurement - this is appreciated every day by branches and specialists all over Poland.


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Drug detection tests
Blood group serology
Analysis of urine
Staining reagents
Latex and haemagglutination tests
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